Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Beyonce

Check out this little girl belting out the Beyonce tunes. Very adorable! Beyonce better look out!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Funny Stuff: "Scarry" Weather Man!

Look how this dude reacts when he see's a cockroach!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Video: "S.EX" Janet Jackson

More Mystery About Anna Nicole Son's Death

The coroner's move followed a bombshell report in The Tribune, a Bahamian newspaper, that other hospital patients overheard Anna Nicole Smith "screaming loudly and blaming someone" for her son's collapse about 9 a.m. - 38 minutes before hospital officials say a nurse was called to the room and attempts were made to revive Daniel.

The ex-reality show star was heard screaming, "You caused this!" to the third person who was present in the room, The Tribune reported.

Police and the coroner refused to identify the third person in the former Playboy model's room, but they said it was not a member of the hospital's staff.

The person was "a male" described as a "boyfriend" of Anna Nicole Smith's, a Bahamian source told the Daily News, but it was not her ex-flame Larry Birkhead, who says he is the father of her baby.

But Michael Scott, an attorney for Anna Nicole Smith, said the third person in the hospital room was Howard K. Stern, another Smith lawyer.

Scott said both Stern and Anna Nicole tried desperately to revive Daniel, even after doctors had pronounced him dead. The bereaved mother was so distraught that she had to be sedated, Scott said...(more)

Funny Stuff: Boy Singing At Church

If you're drinking anything at your computer right now, put it away! You will spit it up! Boy was serious too!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whitney Sighting

Whitney was recently seen with Clive Davis at the 15th Annual Ella Awards honoring Johnny Mathis. She looks like she gained a little weight! She doesn't look like her cartoon alter ego!(check post below)

Tupac 10 Year Anniversery

Tupac Shakur was undoubtedly one of the most successful MCs of all time. Even after his death, he has sold a total of 67 million records worldwide making him the highest selling rap/hip-hop artist of all time! Tupac is widely regarded as the greatest rapper of all time. Moreover, a recent poll in MTV placed him as the #1 MC of all time. However, 2Pac was much more than that. His strong lyrical content grew a huge array of followers, making him a hero among millions. He was a great poet and his theory on life influenced his fans to a huge extent. He was indeed the Rose That Grew from Concrete, whose ever-successful work couldn't have been more admired and loved.

Here's more about Tupac's career. (more)

T.I. On The Cover of V Style

I admire this guy's style.

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Bobby and Whitney No More?

Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from her husband Bobby Brown, her publicist told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer declined to reveal where or when Houston filed the divorce papers, and said the singer had no statement to make.

"I can just confirm that she has filed for divorce," Seltzer said.

Houston and Brown, who married in 1992, have had a sometimes tumultuous marriage, and rumors of their breakup have surfaced often over the years.

The couple have one child, 13-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.(source)

Check out this funny episode of the Houston/Brown family!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Funny Stuff: Hey Ya!

While on the theme of "Charley Brown", I thought I'd put this up. This use to crack me up as a kid everytime I saw these "Peanut Kids" dancing. I think I saw someone do the Chicken Noodle Soup in there!

dsngrl80 are you happy now? Here are some white people for you! Enjoy!;o)

Is Rudy On That Stuff??

Bossip has exclusively learned that Keisha Knight Pulliam formerly of the Cosby Show (Rudy) has a cocaine habit that goes back years. Multiple sources tell Bossip that Keisha ran in an elite circle of Morehouse and Spelman students in Atlanta who dabbled in cocaine while in college. The source who is a member of this circle says he witnessed Keisha do a line of coke at a party and that one of their friends from Florida dropped out of college and fell on hard times due to this cocaine culture within this elite group of primarily wealthy students. "Keisha still does coke and it is widely known by her friends, it's not a secret" says a source.

Bossip has contacted members of this circle of Morehouse and Spelman students and Keisha's cocaine habit is said to be beyond "dabbling"(more)

I remember in the 5th grade signing a contract with "Rudy" saying we pledge to be drug free! We were "The Drug-free Class of 2000"! Rudy you broke your promise!:o(

Anna Has A Child And Looses A Child.

The 20-year-old son of Anna Nicole Smith died suddenly in the Bahamas on Sunday, three days after the former Playboy Playmate gave birth to a girl, Smith’s attorney said. A statement from Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer, did not provide any details of Daniel Smith’s death, and he declined to comment when contacted by Reuters. “We have yet to learn the cause of death but do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor,” Stern said in the statement. “Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being.”Very sad.(source)

That's Tight: A.I. Auditions

Check out Leroy Wells auditioning for American Idol...I can't decide if he's on X, weed, or on that stuff! I'll let you decide!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Janet On Giant

I guess after the success of her U.S. Weekly cover selling the most magazines for them than any other cover, every other magazine wants their piece too. She looks pretty good on here.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fashion Rocks: Pics

Jaime Foxx:Wut's up wit that mannequin? No arms??

Rhianna:Looks good, sounded terrible.

Fergie: London Bridge @ Fashion Rocks

AT 00:55, is that Fergie peeing on the stage again? I know, I'm bad!

That's Tight: Fat Joe

Can we say new cast member for "Celebrity Fit Club"? Geeeze!

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Beyonce Performing "Deja Vu" at Fashion Rocks

For those who missed the show last night, this is what blogs are for! Most of the performances sucked! ( I need to to hurry up and get my record deal!). But here is Beyonce's performance. It was a tribute to Josephine Baker with the little banana dress! I'll let ya'll discuss! I'll put up some more pics and vids from the show...

Janet on Oprah

Here is a short, SHORT, clip of Janet on Oprah. The show is scheduled to air Monday, September 25th. I have to say she looks mighty nice with her hair like that. Hope she sticks wit it for a minute. Looks like the look atleast carried over to her new video "So Excited"...